If you have received your ballot by mail as an absentee voter, you may now vote by mail by writing in my full name and office on the sleeve of the ballot: Steve Mozena - Governor.

On election day, June 8, 2010, you may ask the poll worker for a list of the write-in candidates for the correct spelling of my name—and please do. We wouldn't want your vote to be disqualified. There is a perforated portion of the ballot where you will need to write in my full name: Steve Mozena and for the office of Governor. If you need assistance, please ask a poll worker, they are there to help.

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I will create "Be Your Own Boss" One-Stop Weekend Workshops for Inventors, Wannabe Business Owners & Entrepreneurs at local convention centers and community centers throughout the state.

Each one-stop shopping workshop would allow participants to start their own business which would express their creativity and desire to reach the American Dream.

Each workshop would be broken down into the major fields and industries from food and beverage to health care. It would show anyone who wants to start a business or manufacture an invention the fundamental steps they need to take, such as:

  • file and get your actual business license; have representative from government agencies—city, county, state and even the patent office—to complete relevant forms for the creation of new business or invention;
  • have management consultants and other experts there to help you write your business plan; financial advisors to show you how to keep expenses to a minimum; lawyers, CPAs, bookkeepers, venture capitalists, and banks at the Workshop to help advise; have Web site, Designers and Programmers; and have manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors from industries including Food Production, Financial Data Services, Health Care: Pharmacy and Other Services, Internet Services and Retailing, Electronics, Electrical Equipment, Food Services, Household and Personal Products, Beverages, Home Equipment, Furnishings, Entertainment, and others.

So, when participants leave these weekend workshops, they will be official business owners on track for getting their invention patented, their prototype made or manufactured, or any other business launched.

I have written to nearly all the FORTUNE 1000 CEOs with this idea and more.

Additionally, we need to buy American and keep the nation strong by not outsourcing work abroad. This concept isn't to isolate the United States but to circle the wagons and take care of our own first, if you will, our American family, during these rough economic times. Right now, if we want to improve the world we must first concentrate on making the United States strong again. This requires retrenchment, in terms of reducing expenditures, but it is also necessary to increase U.S. domestic manufacturing and all levels of sales, from manufacturing and wholesale to online and retail.

I also want to promote a new holiday that honors U.S. business. We have Labor Day, to acknowledge unions, and Earth Day, for the environment. We need a Business Day that recognizes and promotes the entrepreneurial spirit of America. How about an Entrepreneurs Day? Both my parents were entrepreneurs and many of our fellow Americans’ parents were and are as well! What’s not to like about celebrating our parents with Entrepreneurs Day? I suggest March 7th, which was my Dad’s birthday, as a tribute to him and all the entrepreneurs of the United States.

We are the State of Hollywood! Promote TV shows like “Shark Tank” and “The Apprentice.” “Shark Tank” follows aspiring entrepreneurs as they present a number of product ideas to venture capitalists known as the “sharks” in hopes of getting investment money to develop their ideas. These ambitious entrepreneurs present their creative company concepts to well seasoned investors to convince them to buy into the dream. “The Apprentice” is the ultimate job interview, where people compete in a series of over-the-top business tasks, and require business savvy, street smarts and intelligence to ultimately impress the boss Donald Trump as the best candidate to hire for his company. Basically, the TV shows help millions of viewers see how America does business.

Anchoring America in Stormy Times
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