If you have received your ballot by mail as an absentee voter, you may now vote by mail by writing in my full name and office on the sleeve of the ballot: Steve Mozena - Governor.

On election day, June 8, 2010, you may ask the poll worker for a list of the write-in candidates for the correct spelling of my name—and please do. We wouldn't want your vote to be disqualified. There is a perforated portion of the ballot where you will need to write in my full name: Steve Mozena and for the office of Governor. If you need assistance, please ask a poll worker, they are there to help.

» Mozena Network
The Mozena Network webpage is the gateway to all of Mr. Steve Mozena's Websites, from educational publishing to political reform.

Mozena Publishing Etext.net Custom Electronic Text Publisher
Mozena Publishing is the print division of ETEXT.net, offering inexpensive, customized college textbooks. Click either the logo or this link to be transferred to the Mozena Publishing website. ETEXT.net is an educational publisher specializing since 1994 in electronic textbooks, course materials, out-of-print textbooks and works-in-progress. Free for authors, with high royalties. Students save money and gain access to multimedia-rich, timely information. Click either the logo or this link to be transferred to the ETEXT website.
Two Mozenas are Better than one! Post The Finances
Mozenas' Website for their campaign for Carson City Council. Contains fresh and creative ideas for the revitalization of all areas of city and community life. Election March 6, 2007. The revolutionary yet simple idea that promises to change the political landscape of this country through information technology. Click either the logo or this link to be transferred to the Post the Finances website.
"If I Were Prez..." The Fighter For your better future in Los Angeles
Mozena's contribution to the presidential election year of 2008 contains seed ideas for progress and reform in all areas of the federal government. Mozena for Los Angeles Mayor website is about Mozena's audacious run for Mayor of LA in 2001. Mr. Mozena was known at the e-candidate who would use the burgeoning information technology field for the benefit of all Los Angeles residents. Click either the logo or this link to be transferred to this website.
Dadd's Christmas Songs Karaoke Christmas On The Radio
This CD is one man's celebration of Christmas, with a little help from his 3 1/2 year old daughter Arista. Steve Mozena sings a variety of favorite Christmas songs, including "Do You Hear What I Hear?" while Arista sings "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." Click either the logo or this link to be transferred to the this website. Steve Mozena's "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" CD contains a unique gift -- special printed and audio instructions about how to send your own CD of you singing an original or classic Christmas song to your local radio station. This will give you the best chance of having the radio station play your CD during the Christmas season. Click either the logo or this link to be transferred to the this website.
Mozena Medical and Surgical Supplies and Equipment is a retail and wholesale store in Long Beach, CA, which also does business online. Mozena Medical was founded as a tribute to Steve Mozena’s dad, who owned a medical supplies company for many years and gave Steve his first start in the industry. Steve Mozena is running as a write-in candidate in the Republican primary for governor of California. He is on a quest to make state government honest and accountable by posting all government finances to the Web. He is not deterred by the huge odds against winning. He believes his message will resonate with all Republican voters.
Anchoring America in Stormy Times
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